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What is Virtual Wholesaling?

Virtual Wholesaling is about marketing, contracting and selling real estate in markets outside of where you live. For example, you can easily wholesale deals in Phoenix, AZ from your office in San Diego, CA or vice versa.

You may ask “How do I flip houses in other markets?” or “What if I live in a small town, how do I invest in a larger market other than my own?”

Virtual Wholesaling is about using networked systems to automate your VW Business so you can work smarter and make more money. Ultimately you will be working in other markets besides your own and never physically meet your ultimate buyers and motivated sellers. Realize that the most important factor in your Virtual Wholesaling business is YOU! Remember in order to monitize your Virtual Wholesaling Business you have to make an ongoing financial commitment to your advertising and marketing campaigns every day to make this work.

Any downsides? I can tell you this, one of my biggest problems that I had when I started my Virtual Wholesaling business, I was going after every deal, in every market I could get my hands on. I didn’t focus on one State or even one market and really own it! Trust me when I say… Focus, Focus, Focus! And until I started focusing on one market with one strategy I never really got anywhere with my business.

I look forward to helping you build your Virtual Real Estate Wholesaling Business!


Mark Van Dyke

The Virtual Wholesaler

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